Gurjar kshatriya.

Five brave Kshatriyas had emerged from the Agnikund of Vashishtha Muni on Mount Abu. Among them one brave chauhan was there named Anhal who established the throne first among the Nagars. And it was his prince Ajaypal who caused people to live in Ajmer and ruled over it. From his dynasty, they abandoned the weapons and came to Gujarat, so they were called ‘Gurjar’.

Because of being kshatriyas, the Chauhans have the right of sacred thread (Yagnopavit). Brahmanee is the goddess of their race. From Gujarat, they started living in the lands of kathiyavad etc. In samvant year 1234, from them, the Patel Maru came with Gaanga to Dhanetee, which is a village of Kachchh. From there, they went on living in the different areas of Kachchh.

There was a Gurjar Chauhan named Aja who lived in Siddhapur Patan of Gujarat had two sons named Kacho and Nako. The people from the lineage of Kacho were called ‘Kach-kacha’ and the people from the lineage of Nako were called ‘Nakach-kacha’.

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